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UIS-AIMS' strength is in its network of dedicated professionals throughout the region working towards more effective and efficient means of collecting, processing, analyzing and making informed decisions through education statistics.

The Unit welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations in the area on the issues of capacity building for improved monitoring and evaluation, especially of EFA Goals.

The objectives of the networks are to:

  1. Promote and popularize mission and goal of AIMS in the region;
    Contribute to capacity building by serving as resource and training base for inter-country programmes;
  2. Enhance technical expertise in the region;
  3. participate and undertake action research and case studies on issues related to educational statistics;
  4. Promote sharing and exchange of experiences.

The strategies employed to achieve these objectives are to:

  1. organize national / regional / sub-regional workshops and seminars in the areas in need of capacity building;
  2. provide technical support at the national level and develop generic modules for application in various contexts in the region;
  3. undertake research and case studies

UIS-AIMS is actively involved in maintaining and strengthening two regional networks: ADEAP and NESIS-AP.