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UIS-AIMS and National Capacity-Building

National capacity-building is about the enhancement of capabilities of people and institutions in a sustainable manner to improve their competence and problem solving capacities.

One of AIMS' main action areas as the regional office of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is extending "assistance to Member States to help them improve their statistical and analytical capacities."

The availability and quality of data are critically dependent upon the statistical capacities of relevant government departments and national agencies. Aware of this importance, UIS-AIMS is assisting countries in their effort to improve their capacities for data collection, processing, quality control, analysis and dissemination through training and other support. The unit is also working closely with other UNESCO institutes, field offices and other units to deliver assistance cost-effectively.

The objective of UIS-AIMS' Statistical Capacity-Building efforts is to help countries become self-reliant, both financially and institutionally, so that they acquire the expertise to determine their own data needs and priorities, to collect these data, to interpret and use them effectively; to undertake research, problem solving and problem formulation; and to sustain these capacities.

UIS-AIMS focuses on improving capacity for the generation of reliable information required for sound decision-making within the education system of a country. In addition, the international community’s periodic assessment of countries’ progress towards the goals of UNESCO’s Education for All (EFA) programme has created a real need for quality education information.

UIS-AIMS provides training on reliable data collection, data processing and data analysis methods, mainly via sub-regional training workshops. The unit aims to collaborate with regional resource persons and institutions to provide a more comprehensive and effective effort.

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Capacity-building defined

There is no singular definition of capacity-building. However, as capacity-building has moved from a focus to individual training to development of institutions and further to the complex systems of thinking of today, the new definitions emphasise the continuing process of strengthening of abilities to perform core functions, solve problems, define and achieve objectives and understand and deal with development needs.

Source: What do we know about capacity-building? This report is an overview of existing knowledge and best practices in capacity-building. Read more.

Capacity-building implies the enhancement of capabilities of people and institutions in a sustainable manner to improve their competence and problem solving capacities.
Source: UNESCO Thesaurus