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From Data to Knowledge: Helping Countries Make the Most of their Statistics Building National Capacity in EFA Monitoring and Evaluation

The goal of this activity is to improve the information support for informed decisions on strategic resource allocation targeted for the reconstruction of the education system and attainment of the goals of EFA.

The objective of the activity is to improve systematically the organization design, rules, regulations and procedures, and staff development of basic structures of information services for education sector planning, monitoring and evaluation.

1. Providing technical assistance to the development of a statistical information system (Nepal)
2. Development of a multi-media module on education statistics
3. Supporting the Guizhou EFA Monitoring and Evaluation Provincial Study

1. Helping put in place an improved statistical information system in Nepal that allows for timely annual statistical reports with analysis
2. Improved the technical statistical capacities of staff in Nepal's Ministry of Education
3. Model EFA monitoring and evaluation system
4. Reports on the development of EFA monitoring and evaluation systems at the local level.