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As a mandated contribution to international efforts towards the achievement of the Education for All goals, UNESCO has increased considerably the dissemination of knowledge on key issues in education: best practices, high-level group periodic reports, UNESCO instruments, and analysis of educational systems. UIS-AIMS strives to contribute to this mandate through related activities.

UIS-AIMS is involved in EFA advocacy to maintain and to strengthen political momentum and efforts to realize EFA through reinforced and increased dissemination of information at multiple levels on key education issues in the cluster and region. UIS-AIMS is working collaboratively with other units and agencies in this regard to strengthen the response and output to each goal in the region.

UIS-AIMS is also involved in efforts to realize EFA through technical assistance in the areas of monitoring and assessment. While EFA asserts focus and attention on the neglected, forgotten, underserved, and marginalized populations in terms of resource allocation and education services, one such group receiving very little attention in the dialogue on EFA and in national educational plans are the disabled children and youth. In this respect, UIS-AIMS is involved in preparing analytical guidelines and templates on "how to analyse education disparities and identify EFA target groups." A study is currently underway to draw from the experiences of the region and develop a manual on Guidelines for the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Schools and in EFA Monitoring.

UIS-AIMS is also involved in the mapping of Life Skills education in South-East Asia with the ultimate objective of identifying relevant and reliable indicators to measure this goal.

The links in the next column provide detailed information on the activities carried out under the theme of UIS-AIMS and EFA. Click here to view the Asia and the Pacific Regional EFA website. For more information, email