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UIS-AIMS and Technical Assistance

As the Office of the UIS Regional Advisor to Asia-Pacific, AIMS responds to requests from other units within UNESCO and other regional UN offices for technical assistance on monitoring and evaluation. Recently, UIS-AIMS has been involved in assisting UNESCO’s Culture sector to develop a set of cultural indicators that can sufficiently monitor cultural industries. UIS-AIMS has also been proactively participating in the Millennium Development Goals Technical Working Group sessions as an important statistics/indicators advisor.

Select individual countries are also targeted for tailored technical assistance. AIMS has been involved with UIS Montreal in technical missions to the Fast Track Initiative (FTI) countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Viet Nam. Activities in this regard will carry on into 2005.

In early 2004, UIS-AIMS undertook missions to Nepal to assist the UNESCO office in Kathmandu, together with Nepal’s Ministry of Education in a project to revamp their Educational Management Information System. Afghanistan and Timor-Leste, as emergency countries, have also been targeted for technical assistance in the current biennium as these countries work to reconstruct their education system during a period of intense transition and growth.

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