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Education Sector Management

Education is one of the largest public sectors to have undergone major reforms in public management and governance.

Education sector management covers a wide spectrum of management items including institutional management (planning, formulation and implementation of policies), process management (programmes and activities for education service delivery), resource management – especially human and financial resources – and performance management. As such, the management agenda often involves complex issues and there is often no one solution.

Making improvements in education sector management and governance requires institutions to be more accountable to deliver better education for an increasing number of children. Careful consideration must be given to institutional arrangements, regulatory frameworks, leadership, capacities, practices, financing mechanisms, teacher standards and deployment, school management, monitoring of student learning outcomes, and many other regulations and policies. Improving all aspects of sector management; and in particular, policies, structures and operations is therefore vital to achieving the sector development goals.

Although public management and public governance have much in common, they are not the same. Public management focuses on the measurement of results in relation to outputs while public governance focuses on the way different institutions interact in order to achieve a higher level of desired results. In other words, processes matter!