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November 2012 | Issue 10 | UNESCO Bangkok

November has been packed with activities from the 16th APEID International Conference "The Heart of Education: Learning to Live Together" to the regional high-level expert meeting, “Beyond 2015: Rethinking Learning  in a Changing World” to Youth Peace Ambassador Training Workshops.  In fact, youth feature prominently this month through our regional film/article contest "Better Learning, Better Life!”  As we revisit the 1996 Delors Report “Learning: the Treasure Within”, we are reminded that learning to live together indeed remains at the heart of education.  Enjoy Reading!

Highlight: Learning to Live Together

Findings from a Desk Review on Learning to Live Together 

Learning to Live Together desk study unveiled! We reviewed 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region and analysed how their education systems promote learning to live together in policy documents.» Read the full story

How Education Can Help Us Learn to Live Together?

Youth from across the Asia-Pacific gathered at the Fifth UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador Training Workshop in Bangkok and shared their thoughts on how education can help us all learn to live together. » Read the full story

"Learning to Live Together" in the Hong Kong Education System

Professor Kerry Kennedy, Hong Kong Institute of Education, shares his view on “learning to live together” in the education system of Hong Kong, China, and his opinions about the 1996 Delors Report. » Read the full story

News and Events

Asia-Pacific Youth Share their Dreams: the Education We Need

Kai Song Eer, 17 years, from Malaysia and the creative student team at Lopez National Comprehensive High School in the Philippines have been awarded the prize in UNESCO Bangkok’s Film/Article Contest "Better Learning, Better Life." » Read the full story

Regional Experts Debate: the Future of Learning Beyond 2015 

Over 70 high level experts from more than 20 countries in and outside the Asia-Pacific region have met to define key emerging learning requirements, competencies, learning outcomes and their implications for educational policy in the region. » Read the full story

Experts to Discuss “Vocationalization” of Secondary Education

A regional expert meeting will take place on 3-4 December 2012 in Bangkok to review the preliminary findings of the study on the various approaches in providing technical and vocational education and training at the secondary education level.» Read the full story

UNESCO to Support Emerging ASEAN Qualifications Framework

As regional integration through the ASEAN Economic Community inches nearer, UNESCO looks to support ASEAN in developing Regional Qualifications Framework by providing guidelines on quality assurance for the recognition of qualifications. » Read the full story

Regional Seminar Aims at Making School Curricula More Inclusive

More than 40 curriculum developers and experts from Asia-Pacific countries share their knowledge and experience and engaged in discussions to address challenges for integrating inclusive education and ESD concepts in national curricula. » Read the full story

The Future of Education: A Generation that Cares

"No question that we have to produce generations of people who are highly capable, skilled, innovative ... our fundamental responsibility ... is to produce people with hearts and people who care," said Gwang-Jo Kim at the 16th APEID Conference. » Read the full story



Food for Thought

The students from Lopez National Comprehensive High School in the Philippines share their thoughts on the future of learning in "'Learning out of the Board and Beyond' » more 


This Report provides foundational ideas, principles and directions for rethinking education.» more

This publication is prepared by Education Above All in response to the UN call for education that fosters “Global Citizenship.”» more

This book provides guidance in planning, carrying out and learning from the evaluation of peace-building activities.»more

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