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June 2015 | Issue 41 | UNESCO Bangkok

This month, the Happy Schools Seminar took place in Bangkok, focusing on gathering the input of school-level stakeholders (students, teachers and school leaders) as to what constitutes a happy school. Innovative practices to promote learner well-being from the participating schools are featured, as are the perspectives of one our staff who is working on the broader Happy Schools project, which aims to build a framework that can be applied across a range of contexts. In this edition, we also highlight some key publications focusing on happiness, creativity, social and emotional learning and well-being as well as important recent and upcoming events. And the deadline for the TVET photo competition has been extended to 12 July  – be sure to enter if you haven’t already!

Highlight: Happy Schools

» Happy Schools Seminar Held in Bangkok! 
The Happy Schools Seminar took place in Bangkok in early June 2015, bringing together different schools from the Asia-Pacific region to share proven practices that can enhance learner well-being and holistic development and ultimately promote happiness in schools.

» What Makes a School Happy? Perspectives from Six Schools
Following the recent Happy Schools Seminar, this article provides a glimpse into promising practices from the six participating schools in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting examples of the types of initiatives that can contribute towards making schools happier places. 

» Do We Measure What We Treasure?
With so much emphasis on exams in the Asia-Pacific region, are education systems failing to recognize the value of other ‘non-academic’ dimensions of learning that are ultimately promoting happiness in schools? A member of the Happy Schools Project team shares her perspective.

News and Events

» Asia-Pacific Countries Unite against Bullying in Schools
Representatives from the Asia-Pacific countries have committed to address homophobic and transphobic bullying in their schools at the regional consultation on School Bullying on the Basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Bangkok.

» Central Asia Symposium on ICT in Education: CASIE 2015 
CASIE 2015 will continue to explore the role of teachers as key agents in “changing the culture of learning”, as noted during CASIE 2013, while taking into account an array of factors that enable them to utilize ICT in an educationally relevant and holistic manner.

» Call for Nominations: UNESCO-Hamdan Prize
Member States are invited to submit nominations of individuals representing institutions or organizations for the UNESCO-Hamdan Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers. Deadline is 31 October 2015.

» A New Era of Openness for Adolescents in Myanmar
Advocates for youth most at risk of HIV exposure in Myanmar found hope for a new era of openness and improved access to policy-makers following a recent event in Nay Pyi Taw, attended by ministry representatives.

» FLS in Action: A Regional Planning Workshop
UNESCO Bangkok invited Ministry of Education representatives in ASEAN to share country experiences at a regional planning workshop on Flexible Learning Strategies (FLS). Potential areas requiring UNESCO Bangkok’s technical support were also identified.

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Food for Thought

“If you treasure it, measure it. If schools do not measure the well-being of their children but do measure their intellectual development, the latter will always take precedence”. --World Happiness Report 2015


TVET Photo Contest

Deadline for submission: extended to 12 July 2015


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