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July 2015 | Issue 42 | UNESCO Bangkok

At the World Education Forum in May 2015, the global community acknowledged that Education for All is an unfinished agenda. Continuous efforts and new commitments are being made by Governments and development partners to address the remaining as well as the emerging challenges. In this issue, we highlight a couple of UNESCO activities to demonstrate such commitments: one is the CapEFA Programme in Myanmar in which UNESCO has committed to support the Government efforts to transform the education sector; another is the efforts to improve the ways we work towards Education for All in the region. We also announce the result of the TVET photo competition and would like to congratulate the 1st place winner from the Philippines. Hope to keep you updated!

Highlight: Continous Efforts on EFA

» Assessing the EFA Architecture to Prepare for Education 2030
The eventual adoption of the new education agenda by the international community calls for the examination and reflection of the EFA coordination mechanisms in Asia-Pacific

» Strengthening Sector-wide Education Planning in Myanmar
The CapEFA programme has been providing technical assistance and capacity building support to the Myanmar government in sector-wide education planning and management since 2012, in alignment with the country’s education reform needs and processes.

News and Events

» TVET Photo Competition: Announcement of Results
The photo competition on the theme: “Put a new face on technical/vocational education and training” has come to the conclusion. The top 3 winners are from the Philippines, India and Indonesia respectively. 

» UNESCO App Puts Decades of Educational Data at Fingertips
Some 40 years of detailed educational data and trends from countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region are now a touch away following the release of EduStat, a mobile app developed by UNESCO Bangkok, available on iOS and Android.

» Expert Meeting on Developing Regional Guidelines for NQF
The expert meeting took stock of the status, diverse norms and principles of National Qualification Framework (NQF) in Asia and the Pacific in order to develop a framework and proposed outline for national case studies to be completed in 2016.

» UN Resolution Urges States to Regulate Private Education 
A landmark resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Council urges States to monitor private education providers and recognising the potential “wide-ranging impact of the commercialization of education on the enjoyment of the right to education”.

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TVET Conference 2015

Making Skills Development Work for the Future


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• Learning to Live Together: Revisiting the Humanism of the Delors Reports

• Addis Ababa Action Agenda

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