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October 2015 | Issue 45 | UNESCO Bangkok

Following the adoption of the landmark 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we have been busy working on many of the educational priorities. In this issue, we highlight some activities in which Education 2030 was discussed in connection to different issues including global education, teacher professional development, learning assessment, lifelong learning, gender equality and skills development. Also of note is the report on Teachers in Asia Pacific: Status and Rights

Highlight: Education 2030 in Discussions

» Taking Action on Global Education
Following a special seminar at UNESCO Bangkok on 16 October 2015, Fernando M. Reimers of Harvard University and Eleonora Villegas-Reimers of Wheelock College reflect on global education in view of building a sustainable, inclusive and peaceful world.

» Transformative Education in Motion
With lifelong learning, gender equality and skills for work all at the core of the Education 2030 agenda, how can we translate this vision in practice? UNESCO Bangkok visits the Azad Foundation’s innovative Women on Wheels programme in New Delhi.

» Addressing the Stormy Waters of Learning in Pakistan
The Learning Metrics Task Force is a prominent global effort spearheaded by the Brookings Institution and UISaiming to advocate for broader learning outcomes and strengthened assessment systems. Will it help to tackle the learning crisis in Pakistan?

News and Events

» 1st Asia-Pacific Meeting on Education 2030 (APMED2030)
The first APMED2030 is taking place in Bangkok on 25-27 November 2015.  The meeting will bring officials of the ministries of education in the region to build common understanding about the new education agenda and strengthen partnership to achieve Education 2030 Goal.

» Policy Seminar on Monitoring & Evaluation for Education 2030
UNESCO Bangkok and the Korean Educational Development Institute (KEDI) will organize a policy seminar entitled “Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, the Data Revolution, and Education 2030” on 26-28 November in Bangkok.

» 1st Expert Meeting on Quality Assurance in TVET
UNESCO launches research on quality assurance of TVET qualifications that will culminate in the development of guidelines for better quality assurance systems in the Asia-Pacific region

» Global Teacher Shortage Threatens Education 2030 
The world will need to recruit 25.8 million school teachers to provide every child with a primary education by 2030,UNESCO Institute for Statistics reported. Today, an extra 2.7 million teachers are needed to reach the 59 million children excluded from education.


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• Teachers in Asia Pacific: Status and Rights’ report  

• The World's Women 2015: Trends and Statistics

• Review of the Pacific Framework for Technical and Vocational Education and Training

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• World Teachers' Day 2015
• 8 Educational Resources 
• SD Knowledge Platform
• F.M. Reimers Publications

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