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December 2015 | Issue 47 | UNESCO Bangkok

Happy New Year! 2015 was an eventful year for us in education development. MDGs and EFA completed their 15-year cycle, and implementation of the new SDGs and the Education 2030 Agenda (SDG 4) has just started. With the renewed focus on quality learning for all in the new agenda, developing and implementing evidence-based education policies that are equitable, inclusive, and relevant are more critical than ever. We hope you all had restful holidays and that you will continue supporting us throughout the year 2016.

Highlight: Ensuring Equity, Quality Education

» NEQMAP Members and Partners Gather for the Annual Meeting
NEQMAP’s 3rd Steering Group and Annual Meeting recently held in Bangkok provided an opportunity for participants to update each other on their respective activities and to discuss the future ones. The meeting also hosted the launch of a new OECD-World Bank publication.

» Spotlight on Global Goals at Bangkok Prep’s International Day
UNESCO Bangkok was invited to participate in the annual International Day held at Bangkok Prep School on 10 November, where students spent the day deliberating about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reported on this event.

» Workshop on School Finance in Mekong Region
Kobe University and UNESCO Bangkok, with support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan, held workshops for government officials and school principals to disseminate research findings on school finance with a focus on grants in Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam.

News and Events

» Education as a Driver for Sustainable Development Goals
The International Conference on Education as a Driver for Sustainable Development Goals is taking place on 11-13 January 2016 in Ahmedabad, India. The Conference aims to recognize education as a key enabler to the broader realization of SDGs. 

» UNESCO ICT in Education Conference: Call for Proposals 
Mobile Learning Week will be held at UNESCO's headquarters on 7-11 March 2016. UNESCO is inviting workshop and presentation proposals to be submitted by midnight on Friday, 15 January 2016. 

» International Symposium on Education Policies in Paris 
The International Symposium on Education Policies: School Leadership, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Governance in the Implementation of the Education 2030 Framework for Action will be held at UNESCO HQ in Paris on 18-20 January 2016.



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