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· "A language with too many armies and navies?" - The Economist; 21 June 2013

· "First Person: Save a Language, Save a Culture" - National Geographic; 28 June 2013

· "Mother tongue in primary education: SC wants Constitution Bench to decide" - The Indian Express; 6 July 2013

· "7 more languages added to mother-tongue instruction in public schools" - Inquirer News; 7 July 2013

· "How do we know how many children are not in school?" - Education For All Blog; 10 July 2013

· "A village invents a language all its own"  - The New York Times; 14 July 2013

· "Language barriers may threaten sexual health of new Canadians: UBC study" - CTV News; 17 July 2013

· "What happened when a Pashtun child tried to read Urdu" - The Express Tribune Blogs; 20 July 2013

· "Language survey reveals diversity" - The Hindu; 22 July 2013

· "Storybooks in mother tongue for tribal kids" - The Times of India; 26 July 2013 

· "The Power of the bilingual brain" - Time Magazine; 29 July 2013

· "For specking Ilokano, 3 students asked to leave Christian school" - GMA News; 8 August 2013

· "Mother tongue-based learning is vital" - Bangkok Post; 9 August 2013



Uganda Multilingual Education Network (UMLEN)

Established in October of 2009, the UMLEN is a loose affiliation of civil society organisations, academics, government bodies and interested individuals who share a concern for the development and promotion of literacy in all of Uganda’s languages.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

One World, Many Voices


· "Iban students now able to study their mother tongue in schools and universities" - Borneo Post; 23 August 2013

· "Multilingual education launched" - The Indian Express; 26 August 2013

· "Borneo leaders vow to safeguard language diversity" - The Brunei Times; 30 August 2013

· "Over 200 languages lost in diverse India: study" - Bangkok Post; 4 September 2013

· "Language barriers complicate life at 'failing' Buffalo high school" - The Buffalo News; 9 September 2013

· "Speaking of us" - Outlook India; 9 September 2013

· "Turning multilingual classrooms into rich resources" - Mail & Guardian; 13 September 2013

· "Parents play important role in helping kids learn Mother Tongue" - Channel NewsAsia; 14 September 2013

· "Govt wants playschools to mind language, go vernacular" - The Indian Express; 15 September 2013

· "In Myanmar's schools, history's in the making" - The Irrawaddy; 16 September 2013

· "Indigenous language recovery in Peru" - Indian Country Today Media Network; 18 September 2013

· "Thai students have reading problems" - Bangkok Post; 25 September 2013


· Becoming multilingual: Language learning and language policy between attitudes and identities by Darko Štrajn (2013). International Review of Education, 59, 293-295

· Education and language: A human right for sustainable development in Africa by Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite, Macleans A. Geo-JaJa, Shizhou Lou (2012). International Review of Education, 58, 619-647

· Education reform for the expansion of mother-tongue education in Ghana by Arieh Sherris, Marie Chatry-Komarek (2012). International Review of Education, 58, 593-618

· Introduction to issues and implications for children learning to read in multilingual settings by AusAID


· Language of instruction in Tanzania: Why are research findings not heeded? by Martha A.S. Qorro (2013). International Review of Education, 59, 29-45

· Language policy and science: Could some African countries learn from some Asian countries? by Birgit Brock-Utne (2012). International Review of Education, 58, 481-503

· Literacy Chronicles by Room to Read

· Making Education a Priority in the Post-2015 Development Agenda by UNESCO and UNICEF

· Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual And Multidialectal Dynamic Education: Models for the schooling of Kurdish students in Turkey by DISA

· Parents' choices of language as the medium of instruction in schools by Zubeida Mustafa

· Republic Act No. 10410 - The Early Years Act by Republic of the Philippines

· Third Collection of Good Practices Intercultural Dialogue in Support of Quality Education by UNESCO

· Toward Universal Learning: Recommendations from the Learning Metrics Task Force by UNESCO-UIS and Brookings Institution

· United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues: Background Guide 2013 by Doug Arseneault, Juliane Bade

· Vietnam Population and Housing Census 2009 - Education in Vietnam: An analysis of key indicators by General Statistics Office, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

Past & Upcoming Events


· MTB-MLE Network: Research Agenda Initiative Kick-off Event, U.S.A; 13 September 2013

· Asia Multilingual Education Working Group, Thailand; 27 September 2013

· 10th International Language and Development Conference, South Africa; 15-17 October 2013

· 3rd Regional High-Level Expert Meeting - Beyond 2015: Transforming Teaching and Learning in Asia-Pacific, Thailand; 16-18 October 2013

· 4th International Conference on Language and Education: Multilingual Education for All in Asia and the Pacific - Policies, Practices and Processes, Thailand; 6-8 November 2013

· Multilingual Education High-Level Policy Forum, Thailand; 9 November 2013

· LEAD Asia - Community of Practice: Building Organisational relationships, Thailand; 11-13 November 2013

· ARNEC: Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference, Singapore; 18-20 November 2013

· Technical Workshop: National EFA 2015 Reviews in Asia-Pacific, Thailand; 20-22 November 2013

· 2013 Pan-Asian Conference: Tradition to Innovation in Language Education, Philippines; 5-7 December 2013


4th International Language and Education Conference

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