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· Why is bilingual education 'good' for rich kids but 'bad' for poor, immigrant students? - The Washington Post; 24 October 2014

· Language Keeper: The last fluent speaker of Stó:lō’s Indigenous dialect in race against time - National News; 15 July 2016

· Time travelling to the mother tongue - The University of Cambridge; 19 July 2016

· Mother-tongue revival bid in Sylhet hills - The Daily Star; 20 July 2016

· Planning for language use in education: best practices and practical steps for improving learning - World Education Blog; 27 July 2016

· Kickstarting the economy from the classroom: Education reform in Burma is underway-and not a moment too soon - DVB Multimedia Group; 29 July 2016

· Almost 140 local languages on brink of extinction - The Jakarta Post; 2 August 2016

· Tribal storytellers vanishing along with tribal languages in Odisha - The Hindu;7 August 2016

· Ensure ethnic children learn mother tongues - The Daily Start; 9 August 2016




Getting education data right

Our language and way of life: how young children learn at the Mae Tien ECD Centre (Thailand)

2016 UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prize: laureate from Thailand



· Promoting indigenous knowledge within the Sustainable Development Agenda - World Education Blog; 9 August 2016

· The race to save a dying language - The Guardian; 10 August 2016

· Mother tongue - The Fiji Times; 17 August 2016

· Singapore: Teachers make learning mother tongue languages more engaging - Today Online; 19 August 2016

· Teaching ethnics' mother tongue waits Rouhani's approval - Trend; 28 August 2016 

· The race to study a dying sign language before it disappears - New York Magazine; 30 August 2016

· An alternative to conflict in Thailand through bilingual literacy and education - Malaysia Sun; 1 September 2016

· Literacy opens wide a door to the world but millions of adults are still locked out - UNESCO; 7 September 2016

· It's a little bit early to celebrate International Literacy Day - World Education Blog; 8 September 2016

· New study looks at why more children lack access to books and how we can change that - R4D; 8 September 2016

· On Terrorism, inclusion, reconciliation and the Thai state - Prachatai; 14 September 2016

· In my tribe, we go to a different type of school - World Education Blog; 15 September 2016

· Bilingual education works for ethnic minorities - Viet Nam News; 19 September 2016

· Nahid: Indigenous students to get pre-primary education in mother tongue - Dhaka Tribune; 19 September 2016

· Education: how to keep the peace - World Education Blog; 21 September 2016

· Mother tongue - powerful tool for learning - Adenan; Borneo Post; 21 September 2016

· 'Recognise mother tongue education' call - Daily Express; 24 September 2016


MTB MLE Resource Kit - Including the Excluded: Promoting Multilingual Education

This MTB MLE Resource Kit is for people who recognise that "inclusive and quality education” is possible only when children are able to understand the language used in school.  The Kit was developed for three specific stakeholder groups: policy makers, programme implementers and community members. The five booklets in the Kit provide a “big picture” of successful MTB MLE programmes and suggestions for the roles each group can take as they plan, implement and maintain their programmes. We encourage partners to translate the kit into regional languages.


· 3rd Global Report on Adult Learning and Education: The impact of adult learning and education on health and well-being; employment and the labour market; and social, civic and community life by UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL)

· ASEAN Declaration on strengthening education for out-of-school children and youth

· Early Childhood Matters 2016 by Bernard van Leer Foundation

· The Early Years: Child Well-being and the Role of Public Policy by IDB

· Education in Thailand: An OECD-UNESCO perspective by OECD and UNESCO

· Global Education Monitoring Report 2016 - Education for people and planet: creating sustainable futures for all by UNESCO

· Innovative Pedagogical Approaches in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) by UNESCO and ARNEC

· Language and children's learning: Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa by UNICEF

· The Learning Generation: Investing in education for a changing world by The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity

· Leaving no one behind: How far on the way to universal primary and secondary education? by UNESCO-UIS

· Literacy in multilingual and multicultural contexts: Effective approaches to adult learning and education by UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL)

· New Horizons: A review of early childhood care and education in Asia and the Pacific by UNESCO

· Planning for Language Use in Education: Best Practices and Practical Steps to Improve Learning Outcomes by RTI International

· Suggestions for UNICEF EAPRO Strategy (2016-2020) on Multilingual Education and Social Cohesion by UNICEF EAPRO

· Sustainable Development Data Digest: Laying the Foundation to Measure Sustainable Development Goal 4 by UNESCO-UIS

· UNESCO eAtlas for Education 2030 by UNESCO-UIS

· Winners of the UNESCO International Literacy Prizes 2016 - Innovation in Literacy by UNESCO

Past & Upcoming Events


· 5th International Conference on Language and Education: Sustainable Development through Multilingual Education, Bangkok, Thailand; 19-21 October 2016

· High-Level Policy Forum on MLE, Bangkok, Thailand; 22 October 2016


· 18th UNESCO-APEID International Conference - In Pursuit of Quality Education: The Past, Present and Future, Bangkok, Thailand; 26-28 October 2016

· 2nd Asia-Pacific Meeting on Education 2030 (APMED 2030 II), Bangkok, Thailand; 16-18 November 2016

· Asia Pacific Multilingual Education Working Group Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand; 21 November 2016


· Asia-Pacific Regional ECD Conference, Cambodia; 1-3 March 2017

· Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.; 5-9 March 2017

· 12th Language & Development Conference, TBC


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