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Issue 8 | Asia Multilingual Education Working Group

Happy Holidays from Asia Multilingual Education Working Group!

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As the end of the year approaches we have been reflecting on the work and achievements of the past year and we would like to take advantage of this festive season to thank each and every one of you for your contributions and continued commitment to working together to promote Multilingual Education through the Asia Multilingual Education Working Group (MLE WG).

Wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with Peace and Prosperity.

Asia Multilingual Education Working Group

MLE in the News

· 'Language-relevant education is right of tribal children' - The Pioneer; 28 September 2012

· What about vernacular education? - Free Malaysia Today; 4 October 2012

· Multilingual degree opens up new world - Mail & Guardian; 19 October 2012



Post 2015

Global Thematic Consultation on Education

Themes and Timeline

  • E-Discussion 1 - Equitable access to education  10 - 28 December  2012
  • E-Discussion 2 - Quality of learning  5-19 January 2013
  • E-Discussion 3 - Global citizenship, skills and jobs 23 January – 6 February 2013
  • E-Discussion 4 - Governance and Financing for Education 10 – 24 February 2013

UNDP - The Teamworks space on Marginalised Minorities in Development Programming


· Myanmar minorities fight to save mother tongue - Daily Times; 23 October 2012

· Once-vibrant aboriginal languages struggle for survival - The Canadian Press; 24 October 2012

· Protect, value your mother tongue - Ting - Borneo Post; 28 October 2012

· Mother tongue being cut out - Times' Live; 31 October 2012

· Bilingualism benefits low income children too! - NALDIC; October 2012

· The Role of Early Oral Language in Literacy Development - Language Magazine; October 2012

· Census statistics raise questions about official language policy: Falling number identify French as mother tongue - Vancouver Sun; 2 November 2012

· Pre-schools to have common Mother Tongue framework - Channel NewsAsia; 6 November 2012

· Multilingual Learning - Reading in 3 Languages - Tips from the T-List; 7 November 2012

· Rwanda: Speaking the Language of the World? - Think Africa Press; 11 December 2012

· Southern students get excellent tuition - The Nation; 12 December 2012

· Irina Bokova pays tribute to the contribution of the Arabic language to universal culture - UNESCO; 19 December 2012

· SIL consultant contributes to promising multilingual education project in Timor-Leste - SIL International; December 2012


· Addressing Exclusion in Education: A Guide to Assessing Education Systems Towards More Inclusive and Just Societies by UNESCO

· Bilingual Education in Africa: An Exploration of Encouraging Connections Between Language and Girls' Schooling by Carol Benson

· Education Notes by The World Bank

· Education First, A Global Initiative by UN Education First

· Global Education Digest 2012: Opportunities lost - the impact of grade repetition and early school leaving by UNESCO, UIS

· IIEP Occasional Paper: Education for conflict prevention and peacebuilding - Meeting the global challenges of the 21st century by Phyllis Kotite

· Improving the quality of education in low-income countries: Advice from cognitive psychology research by Helen Abadzi

· Language in education in Pakistan: Recommendations for policy and practice by Hywel Coleman and Tony Capstick

· Marginalised Minorities in Developing Programming by UNDP

· Policy Guidelines on Inclusion in Education by UNESCO

© UN Education First

· Scar of Tongue: Consequences of the Ban on the Use of Mother Tongue in Education and Experiences of Kurdish Students in Turkey by DiSA

· "Strong Foundations" and "Good Bridges" in Language Education:What Can We Learn From Current Theories and Practices? by Susan Malone

· World Arabic Language Day by UNESCO

Past & Upcoming Events


· Asia Multilingual Education Working Group Meeting; 21 January 2013

 · International Conference on Inclusive Education, Bangladesh; 15-17 February 2013

· 9th International Symposium on Bilingualism, Singapore; 18 - 21 June 2013

· 4th International Language and Education Conference: Multilingual Education for ALL in Asia and the Pacific - Policies, Practices and Processes, Thailand; 6 - 8 November 2013

4th International Language and Education Conference

We Need Your Help!

2012 Regional MLE Mapping data is now available!

MLE WG is conducting a MLE Mapping Exercise in the Asia-Pacific region to document key issues, actors and activities shaping the context for ethnolinguistic communities. Please fill out the linked MLE Mapping questionnaire and return to MLE WG Secretariat. >>Download MLE Mapping Exercise Questionnaire


Welcoming MLE Updates

All members are invited to contribute related news, feature articles or recommend publications, websites, or other information sources as well as provide feedback to enrich the MLE E-Newsletter. Please use the template provided at UNESCO Bangkok MLE eNewsletter webpage send an email and attachments (if any) to


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