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Secondary Education in Japan: How much do you know?

For youth worldwide, secondary education can play a very crucial role in shaping understanding of the world, individual identity and opportunities in life. But secondary education is different across countries. So how much do we really know about secondary education? (Test yourself below…)

This booklet is part of the UNESCO Bangkok’s series: Secondary Education Regional Information Base Country Profiles. With a focus on Japan, it provides an overview of the Japanese institutional context, key education indicators and statistics, policies and structures of the national secondary system in Japan using data from UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and national sources.

It provides answers to questions like: 

How many years of compulsory education exist in Japan? What recent legislative changes have been made to the education system? What is the entrance examination process for secondary education? What is the size of the secondary education sector? How about enrolment rates in Japan? What is the government vision for secondary education? 

Find answers and learn more about secondary education in Japan here:

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Access the series of Secondary Education Regional Information Base Country Profiles:


Secondary Education Regional Information Base: Country Profile - Japan
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2011, 20 p.

ISBN 978-92-9223-371-6 (Print version)
ISBN 978-92-9223-372-3 (Electronic version)