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Secondary Education Regional Information Base: Country Profiles

Country Profiles provide basic information on the status and functioning of secondary education in each country of the region in a user-friendly format.

Users will find answers to such questions as:

     - Is secondary education free and compulsory?
     - How has the enrolment evolved over the last 30 years?
     - What geographical disparities exist in access?
     - What qualifications are required to become secondary teachers?
     - What are the recent policies and reforms in secondary education?

All country profiles follow the same structure, and consist of sections on descriptive information and statistics.


The following Country Profiles are currently available (more Country Profiles are forthcoming):









Viet Nam



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of data or information is used?
Country Profiles use both nationally obtained data/information (i.e., Ministry of Education, National Statistics Office) and internationally comparable statistics (i.e., UIS, UNDP).

How can the country profiles be used?
Country Profiles help both national and international users grasp snapshots of the secondary education system. Additionally, the first section of the profile "Secondary Education at a Glance," developed more from an internationally comparative perspective, can provide as a basis for quick cross-national analysis of the secondary education system in the region.

How are country profiles developed?  
Country Profiles are developed in a collaborative manner. The information is mainly collected by national experts with support from relevant government agencies in each country and the concerned UNESCO field offices.

How can country profiles be accessed?   
You can download the documents in PDF format by clicking the links provided above under “Country Profiles.” Country Profiles are also available in print publication. Please contact us to request a copy or send an email to epr(at)

Please send us your comments

Secondary Education Regional Information Base: Country Profiles welcomes your comments and suggestions. Please send us your comments/suggestions (i.e., How useful are the profiles for your work? What kind of information do you wish to be included? How do you think we can improve the content and presentation?) via the contact information provided here.