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Teacher Education: Capacity development through teacher education in the Asia-Pacific region

The Teacher Education programme aims to improve the quality of education by enhancing the competencies of teachers and the capacity of teacher education institutions. The main objective is to encourage TEIs to incorporate UNESCO's initiatives in the areas of rights-based education, ESD and values education, ICT in education and skills development into their training programmes. The focus will be to reform the teacher education systems by introducing innovative approaches to teacher education in terms of teacher training policies, curricula, methodologies and resources. The targets will be ministries of education, TEIs, teacher educators and regional network master teachers.

Under this programme, training and curricular materials on ESD, ICT in teacher training and TVET will be developed and disseminated. Regional guidelines, toolkits and manuals will be produced and adapted for local use. Training workshops will be held at the regional, sub-regional and national levels. In addition, monitoring and evaluation of the status and working condition of teachers in line with the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendations Concerning the Status of Teachers will be a key activity.