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ESD-NET Training Workshop

UNESCO Bangkok-Chulalongkorn University
Bangkok (Thailand)
21 - 24 August 2007

The August 2007 ESD-NET Training Workshop, co-hosted by UNESCO Bangkok and the Faculty of Education at Chulalongkorn University, was the first official activity of the Asia-Pacific ESD-NET. The workshop aimed to determine how teacher education curricula currently align with ESD and identify gaps for focusing future ESD curriculum development, research and the integration of ICTs into teacher education. Prior to the workshop, representatives from participating TEIs were requested to carry out an analysis of their existing teacher education programmes to identify the strengths and areas for improving teaching and learning in line with ESD. Findings were presented through a pre-workshop report which set the stage for workshop content and discussions on curriculum, pedagogy, research and resources for ESD. The workshop concluded with TEIs developing action plans and next steps toward reorienting their teacher education programmes to address SD.

Programme (pdf, 350kb)

Final Report (pdf, 590kb)

Event Photos

Country Analysis Reports:

Workshop Resources

Session 1 - Overview

Session 2 - Situational Analysis of Teacher Education Curriculum

  • Situational analysis of teacher education curriculum/ESD by Elwyn Thomas (pdf, 30kb)
  • Institutional Reports
    • Bangladesh - Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka (pdf, 30kb)
    • China - East China Normal University, Shanghai (pdf, 410kb)
    • India - RIE, Mysore (pdf, 380kb)
    • Indonesia - Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (pdf, 260kb
    • Korea - Ehwa Women's University, Seoul (pdf, 3.8mb)
    • Macau - University of Macau (pdf, 230kb)
    • Malaysia - SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang (pdf, 540kb)
    • Malaysia - UPSI, Tanjong Malim (pdf, 330kb)
    • Malaysia - USM, Penang (pdf, 350kb)
    • Mongolia - Mongolia State University of Education, Ulaanbaatar (pdf, 60kb)
    • Nepal - Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu (pdf, 220kb)
    • Philippines - Philippine Normal University (pdf, 50kb)
    • Sri Lanka - National Institute of Education, Maharagama (pdf, 490kb)
    • Thailand - Chulalongkorn University (pdf, 70kb)
    • Vietnam - Hanoi National University of Education (pdf, 130kb)

Session 3 - ESD Research

Session 4 - ESD Resources

Session 5 - ESD Teaching and Learning Strategies

Session 6 - ESD Curriculum and Courses

Session 8 - The Way Forward