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Preparing Teachers for Global Citizenship Education, 27-29 July 2015, Bangkok, Thailand


Preparing Teachers for Global Citizenship Education

27-29 July 2015   |    Bangkok, Thailand

The problems we face today know no national boundaries and sustainable solutions require collaborative and coordinated responses from all stakeholders. Respect for human rights, gender equality, social justice and acceptance of diversity are qualities that must be promoted and practiced to ensure a better world and future for all. An education that can inculcate desirable values, knowledge and skills will empower learners to be responsible global citizens.

UNESCO has taken up the challenge to promote global citizenship through education in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. However, to be successful in these efforts, we must first educate and empower those at the frontlines of education – our teachers. With support from the Korean Funds-in-Trust, UNESCO Bangkok is implementing a project on “Preparing Teachers for Global Citizenship Education” to enhance the capacity of teachers to transmit GCED knowledge, skills and values to their students.

As a first step, UNESCO Bangkok held a meeting to launch the project in July in Bangkok, Thailand, bringing together more than 60 participants which included resource persons, policy makers, teacher educators, teachers, youth and representatives from international agencies, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to plan project activities.

The take-away messages from the meeting are:

  • GCED is for the future
  • GCED is about dialogues and not impositions of one’s views or ideas onto others
  • GCED is for learning together
  • GCED is student-centred
  • GCED is not a set of the targets to achieve but a journey and process
  • GCED is transformative education
  • GCED is multi-disciplinary and can be integrated into existing curriculum and subject areas


The participants have proposed that UNESCO establishes the GCED-Net to continue the dialogue and share knowledge. This network will be instrumental in meeting the objectives of the project, and in contributing to the overarching goal of the Education 2030, Towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all.

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Preparing Teachers for Global Citizenship Education

Presentations of KFIT Projects:

◊ Developing Quality Tools to Facilitate the Cross-border Mobility of Students in Asia and the Pacific (Libing Wang, Coordinator of APEID and Senior Programme Specialist in Higher Education, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand)  -  pdf, 400kb

◊ Preparing Teachers for Global Citizenship Education (Lay Cheng Tan, Programme Officer, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand)  -  pdf, 860kb

◊ Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and a Culture of Peace in South-east Asia through Shared Histories (Tim Curtis, Chief, Culture Unit, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand)  -  pdf, 1.2mb

Session 1: Global Citizenship Education at the Regional Level

♦  Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in the Asia-Pacific: Overview of UNESCO work (Ramya Vivekanandan Rodrigues, Programme Specialist, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand)  -  pdf, 500kb

♦  MGIEP's Work on Global Citizenship Education (Yoko Mochizuki, Head of Curriculum Team, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development [MGIEP], India)  -  pdf, 23.6mb

♦  APCEIU’s Activities on Global Citizenship Education (Yangsook Lee, Chief, Education & Training Team, Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding [APCEIU], RO Korea; Jeongmin Eom, Chief, Research & Development Team, APCEIU, RO Korea; Hyo-Jeong Kim, Assistant Programme Specialist, APCEIU, RO Korea)  -  pdf, 1.7mb

♦  South East Asia Primary Learning Metric [SEA-PLM] (Jim Ackers, Regional Education Advisor, UNICEF EAPRO, Thailand)  -  pdf, 580kb

Partners – International / Regional Level

♦  In Support of Global Citizenship Education: The SEAMEO INNOTECH Initiatives (Elaissa Mendoza, Senior Associate, SEAMEO INNOTECH, Philippines)  -  pdf, 1.9mb

♦  Core Skills for the 21st Century: Global Citizenship (Lotus Postrado, Head of Education, British Council, Philippines)  -  pdf, 620kb

♦  Intel Programs Relevant to Global Citizenship Education (Sattiya Langkhapin, Education Manager, Intel Microelectronics, Thailand)  -  pdf, 2.4kb

♦  Expect More, Do More, Be More (Aidan McCarthy, Director, Global Digital Learning Strategy Team, Microsoft Corporation, Singapore)  -  pdf, 2.1mb

Pulling It All Together and Conclusions