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Mobile Training Team (MTT)

One of APEID’s modalities is the Mobile Training Team (MTT), inaugurated in 1972 with support from the Government of Japan through the Japanese Funds-in-Trust.

The MTT aims to enhance the capacity of Member States to foster educational innovation in a particular field, utilizing the most suitable approaches that include:

  • Arranging for nominated institutions in Member States to benefit from the expertise and experiences of other countries through inter-country study visits, in-country training workshops, internships, training courses, etc.;
  • Assisting the beneficiary country in organizing in-country training workshops for a defined group of participants;
  • Providing some equipment or reference materials as and when necessary; and
  • Providing technical assistance to sustain the implementation of the innovations.

Expected Outcomes and Impacts of MTT

  • Policy-makers and key educational personnel are trained through study visits and workshops
  • Institutional and national capacities are improved
  • Innovative ideas and practices are disseminated
  • Regional networking is strengthened through South-South cooperation and South-North cooperation.
  • A great impact is made on the policy or practice of education


Asia-Pacific ESD-Net: The main goal is to coordinate efforts by member-teacher education institutions to reorient their curricula for ESD. It is identifying gaps in existing education curricula from an ESD perspective and takes action to reorient curricula and teacher education programmes in line with the national sustainable development priorities for each country.

Events and Activities

Previous MTT Initiatives

Since 1972, 128 MTT projects were implemented in the Asia-Pacific region. Recent MTT projects conducted on educational innovation for development are as follows: