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Regional Workshop on the Thematic Issues in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) under the Mobile Training Team (MTT) Project


Co-organized by UNESCO Bangkok/Jakarta/Phnom Penh/Islamabad,
UNESCO International Bureau of Education and
Thai National Commission for UNESCO

1-5 June 2009
Nakon Prathom, Thailand

The Regional Workshop on the Thematic Issues in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) under the Mobile Training Team (MTT) Project was held at the National Institute for the Development of Teachers and Education Personnel (NIDTEP) in Nakon Prathom, Thailand, on 1-5 June 2009.

The following ESD thematic issues were identified to see how they can be incorporated into specific school subjects:

  • Natural Disaster Preparedness;
  • Inter-cultural understanding;
  • Environmental Protection;
  • Gender Sensitizing;
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Education;
  • Education for International Understanding.

More specifically, the objectives of the Workshop were to:

  • Engage deans/directors of teacher education institutions (TEIs), teacher educators and teachers in reorienting teacher education programmes to address sustainability, and to expand the ESD-Net network.
  • Expose teacher educators and teachers to the issues, content, skills and values related to the thematic issues identified.
  • Examine how these issues, knowledge, perspectives, skills and values can be incorporated into the teaching and learning practices.
  • Promote action research to document ‘good practices’ of curriculum development, pedagogical approaches and institutional policies for ESD.
  • Facilitate collaboration in the development of educational resources on these thematic issues as an integral part of the education process.

The Workshop was attended by 83 participants, including delegates from Ministries of Education; deans and teacher educators from South, East and Southeast Asia; teachers from ASPnet schools and ESD-Net; and UNESCO staff. Eight resource persons from different institutions and having different areas of expertise guided the participants through a variety of interactive and hands-on activities to understand the ESD thematic issues better.

Furthermore, a Cultural Night was organized by the participants themselves to exchange and enhance cultural understanding among the 14 countries represented at the Workshop. The participants also displayed cultural artifacts, such as costumes, handicrafts, games, food and music, from their respective countries.

The last day of the Workshop reflected the intensity of the interactions and discussions that took place throughout the Workshop with the active participation and positive feedback from the participants. Proposals for follow-up activities on relevant and feasible national-level Action Plans are expected to be developed and submitted to UNESCO. These Action Plans will be posted and shared online on this website. In the meantime, an online ESD-Net forum will be established to facilitate continuous dialogue and proactive cooperation among the participants.


(pdf, 340kb)

Poem -  A Tapestry of Thoughts, Ideas and Feelings on ESD (pdf, 40kb)

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ESD Thematic Issues

  • Natural Disaster Preparedness - Lucille Gregorio
    Download the Guidelines (pdf, 810kb)

  • Inter-cultural understanding - Joy de Leo
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 320kb) and Guidelines (pdf, 300kb)

  • Environmental Protection - Robert Steele
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 3.7mb) and Guidelines (pdf, 1.1mb)

  • Gender Sensitizing - Chan Lean Heng
    Download the Guidelines (pdf, 260kb)  

  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Education- Simon Baker
    Download the Presentation and Guidelines

  • Education for International Understanding - Jeongmin Eom

  • Research on ESD -  Elwyn Thomas
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 50kb) and Guidelines

  • Curriculum Design: Principle and Orientation - Renato Opertti
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 150kb) and
    Guidelines: Presentation
    (pdf, 160kb) - Document (pdf, 60kb)

  • Creating Sustainability Mindsets": An ESD Toolkit for Youth and the Private Sector - ESD Unit, UNESCO Bangkok
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 510kb)

  • Introduction Education for Sustainable Development - Robert Steele
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 2mb)

Reports from Member TEIs of ESD-Net


  • ESD Initiatives in Macau - Jason Kong Zhaowei
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 40kb)


  • Initiatives Towards Sustainable Development at Universiti  Sains Malaysia- Rohizani Yaakub and Norlida Ahmad
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 545kb)

    Download the Presentation (pdf, 1.5mb)

  • Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Initiatives at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) - Ong Eng Tek
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 1mb)


  • Mongolian State University of Education: Trends of ESD Activities - Z. Bayarchimeg
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 550kb)

Sri Lanka

  • ESD in Sri Lanka - Nihal Wickramasinghe
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 740kb)


  • A Development of Strategies for Driving the Development of Innovations in Developing Desired Characteristics for Sustainable Development Using Educational Research Network : The Case of the Lower Southern Thailand Education Research Network - Suriya Hemtasilpa
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 670kb)

  • ESD in Daily Practice & Teacher Education Program - A. Athapol
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 4.2mb)

  • ESD at Thaksin University - Suriya Hemtasilpa
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 320kb)


  • ESD at Hanoi University of Education in Vietnam: Our Efforts and Commitment
    Download the Presentation (pdf, 480kb)

Action Plans (password required)