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Regional Seminar on Teacher Policies in Asia-Pacific


On 17-19 November 2010, UNESCO Bangkok together with the Office of Education Council of Thailand (OEC) have organized a Regional Seminar on Teacher Policies in Asia-Pacific, held at Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, in Bangkok.

“Teachers” is one of UNESCO’s priority areas identified as the building blocks for achieving EFA and the education-related MDGs. UNESCO is actively helping Member States to design and implement effective policies for training and retraining teachers to meet current and future demand.

Around 70 participants from Asia-Pacific countries have joint the event. Representatives from Ministries of Education, Teacher Education Institutions, Teachers Unions and Universities have participated and shared their views and experience on the current situation of teacher policies in their countries.

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Teacher Policies In The Asia Pacific And Other Regions: A Review, Elwyn Thomas
Download the paper (pdf, 720kb) and presentation pdf, 140kb)

Show Cases:

  1. ICT in Teacher Training, Jianhua Zhao (pdf, 3.7mb)
  2. Reorienting Teacher Education to address Sustainability in Miyagi University of Education, Takaaki Koganezawa (2.9mb)
  3. Gender sensitive teacher policies, Maki Hayashikawa (pdf, 1.4mb)
  4. Trends and Issues in Secondary Teachers in Asia: Findings from UNESCO Bangkok study, Miki Nozawa (pdf, 300kb)

Country reports

  • Cambodia – Nath Bunroeun (pdf, 110kb)
  • Uzbekistan – Daminov Khikmatilla (pdf, 560kb)
  • Singapore – S. Gopinathan (900kb)
  • Japan – Yoshinori Tabata (pdf, 1.6mb)
  • China - Zheng Guomin (pdf, 290kb)
  • Laos – Mithong Souvanvixay (pdf, 1.2mb)
  • RO Korea – Kap Sung Kim (pdf, 210kb)
  • Thailand – Derek Pornsima (pdf, 1.1mb)
  • Indonesia - Dr. Ahman (pdf, 1.2mb)
  • India – Poonam Batra (pdf, 350kb)
  • Sri Lanka – Upali Sedere (pdf, 550kb)
  • Bangladesh – Taslima Begum (pdf, 2.3mb)

Reports from teacher unions

Linking Research to Teacher Education Programme