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Presentation Files

Day 1: 3 August 2015

Progress Report: Progress since Shanghai Congress 2012

Plenary Session I: Where are the jobs in Asia-Pacific?

Plenary Session II: Which skills for existing and emerging jobs?

Concurrent Session IThe Economy and the Informal Sector: Opportunities and Challenges in TVET (BRAC) 

Concurrent Session IIEmpowering Youth through Relevant Education and Training for Employment 

Concurrent Session IIIGreening TVET and Skills: Responses from the Asia-Pacific Region (UNESCO-UNEVOC) 

Concurrent Session IVHow can Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Improve the Delivery of Relevant, Effective and Quality TVET for Employment? (PEARSON) 

Concurrent Session VTransversal Skills and Entrepreneurship: From Theory to Practice in the Workplace


Day 2: 4 August 2015

Plenary Session  III: How to bridge the gap through ICT?

Plenary Session IV: How to strengthen partnerships and coordination?

Concurrent Session IProgress in Delivering Relevant Skills in Asia-Pacific: Sub-Regional Differences and the Way Forward 

Concurrent Session IIICT-Enhanced Innovative Pedagogy in TVET  

Concurrent Session IIIQuality Assurance Mechanisms in TVET (KRIVET)

Concurrent Session VTVET Networks – How International and Regional Networks can Contribute to the Development of National TVET Systems (RAVTE) 

Plenary session V : Draft conclusion