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"UNESCO is mandated to ensure the promotion of the fruitful diversity of cultures and the free flow of ideas by words and images."

In the Asia-Pacific Region, UNESCO stands firm in promoting cultural tolerance and strengthening the contribution of culture to sustainable development.  The UNESCO Bangkok Office seeks to show that the resources of culture have a great importance for the sustainable development and social cohesion.

UNESCO Bangkok is striving to ensure that diversity and the freedom of contemporary creation is encouraged amongst all cultures in the Asia-Pacific region. There are countless benefits that come with the development opportunities from booming creative industries. An economy thrives when when local markets in creative industries are strengthened and access to international markets is granted.

To deal effectively with governmental authorities and members of civil society alike, the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions was adopted in 2005, and partnerships are established in the framework of the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity.

UNESCO supports creative industries by encouraging collaborative efforts between public and private actors, training activities and cultural fairs, festivals and shows at national, sub-regional and regional levels.


The 2005 Convention on the Promotion and Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions aims to reinforce commitment to the implementation of the convention


Culture and Development - Advocating for the recognition of the central role of culture in sustainable development.


Established to review and promote the current status and role of arts within basic education in the Asia Pacific region.


Cultural Statistics in Thailand: Thailand moves toward a comprehensive system to analyze its cultural data with the second technical training workshop on religion, art and cultural statistics.


Our programme officer talks about radio drama programmes on the prevention of HIV and AIDS, drug use and trafficking in ethnic minority languages in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Yunnan Province of China, and Thailand.


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Promotes and provides technical support for developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in managing cultural resources.


A useful tool which can help you address cultural diversity in programming and implementing projects.


A crucial tool and technique in preserving the world's intangible and tangible cultural assets.


Preservation of tradition and creativity from traditional resources through awareness raising, conservation of traditional forms, and capacity building among youth.


Trafficking and HIV/AIDS Project - Tackles HIV/AIDS, trafficking, and non-traditional drug use, by researching, developing, and implementing programmes which crosscut these issues.


Strengthening the sustainability of creative industry in Lao PDRproviding an initial strategic approach to the Lao cultural industry sector as well as support the implementation of the 2005 Convention.


8 UN agencies (FAO, UNIDO, UNFPA, IOM, UNDP, UNHCR, WHO and UNESCO) undertake a large development project covering the areas of agriculture, small-scale businesses, natural resources management, health, education, legal status, tourism, etc..with ethnic minorities being the main beneficiaries.


Diversity of Cultural Expressions in Asia: Challenges and Perspectives on the Implementation of the 2005 Convention on the Promotion and Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions


Established to create standards of quality and to enhance international market awareness of handicrafts.


A project in collaboration with Natural Sciences unit.