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Day 1 - 19 November 2014

Session I: Contextualizing the UNESCO 1970 Convention and the UNIDROIT 1995 Convention

UNESCO 1970 Convention by Mr Edouard Planche, UNESCO Paris

UNDROIT 1995 Convention by Ms Marina Schneider, UNIDROIT

Session II: Presentations of South-East Asia Country Reports

Brunei Darussalam: Presentation | Report

Cambodia: Presentation

Indonesia: Presentation

Lao PDR: Presentation

Malaysia: Presentation

Myanmar: Presentation

Day 2 - 20 November 2014

Session II: Presentations of South-East Asia Country Reports (cont.)

Philippines: Presentation 1 | Presentation 2 | Report

Thailand: Presentation

Timor-Leste: Presentation

Viet Nam: Presentation

Session III: Preventive Measures - Building a Solid Foundation for the Protection of Cultural Property

Sub-Theme A: Improving Inventoryies, Documentation of Cultural Heritage and Security of Collections

Inventorying and Object ID by Mr Fabrizio Panone, INTERPOL Secretariat

The Role of ICOM by Mr Somchai Na Nakorn Phanom, ICOM

Sub-Theme B: Capacity-Building, Outreach and Education

Preventive action: Capacity-building and outreach activities by Ms Maria Minana, UNESCO Paris

Community Outreach in Thailand by Ms Rasmi Shoocongdej, Silpakorn University, Thailand

Day 3 - 21 November 2014

Session IV: Legal and Operational Tools for Facilitating the Restitution of Cultural Objects

Legal and operational tools for facilitating the restitution provisions and legal frameworks of cultural objects by Mr Edouard Planche, UNESCO Paris

UNESCO-UNIDROIT Model Provisions by Ms Marina Schneider, UNDROIT

Case Study from Cambodia by Mr Philippe Delanghe

Case Study from Thailand by Mr Somchai Na Nakorn Phanom, Fine Arts Department, Thailand

Case Study from Viet Nam by Ms Nguyen Cam Thuy, Viet Nam's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

Session V: Fostering Regional and International Cooperation and Information Sharing

INTERPOL’S role in the international prevention and combat against illicit traffic in cultural goods by Mr Fabrizio Panone, INTERPOL Secretariat

ARCHEO by Mr Laurent Pinot, RILO WE

UNODC-WCO Container Control Programme by Mr Mark Stanley, UNODC