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The use of ICT in education has enabled borderless and boundless learning, thereby helping to achieve the goals of lifelong learning and Education for All. Integrating ICT into education can also help to bridge the digital divide.

ICT can also be used to enhance teaching and learning, thereby improving the quality of education. Furthermore, utilizing ICT in education also brings 21st Century skills to learners and enables them to meet the requirements of knowledge societies. Such use of ICT also expands networks and communication between educators and between learners across the globe, enabling easier sharing of knowledge and ideas.

When seeking the best ways to utilize ICT in the classroom, educators and administrators can learn a lot from the real-life experiences of others. UNESCO has therefore established the "ICT in Education Innovative Practices" project, which identifies and rewards teachers, administrators and others who are champions of ICT use in education. The project seeks to compile examples of innovative practice and disseminate the ideas and innovations to all, enabling good practices to be replicated elsewhere.

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