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Education Microplanning Toolkit

The Education Microplanning Toolkit has been jointly developed by UNESCO Bangkok and The Hong Kong Institute of Education to support education planning at the local level. It emphasizes four main aspects of planning and change:

  • increasing access,
  • improving learning outcomes,
  • enhancing community participation and
  • supporting open and informed decision making.

The toolkit offers advice to appointed officials and administrators, especially those at the school and district levels, on planning local education changes so as to enhance the delivery of educational services in their areas. It also supports local development efforts in a national education planning context through empowering local communities to participate in such a way that local needs are clearly articulated and policy solutions are designed to meet those needs.

The toolkit is a work-in-progress; it is incomplete but can already provide useful advice for education planners at the local level. UNESCO welcomes comments and feedback on the toolkit. Please send your comments and feedback to

Education Microplanning Toolkit Introductory Module

Introductory Module


The introductory module provides an introduction to education microplanning, the functions it can serve and case study examples.


Education Microplanning Toolkit Module 1

Module 1


Module 1 provides principles of microplanning on working with local communities to build partnerships.

Education Microplanning Toolkit Module 2

Module 2


Module 2 provides information on getting prepared for an education planning exercise at the local level: spatial, social, economic and educational considerations.

Education Microplanning Toolkit Module 3

Module 3


Module 3 provides information on conducting a needs assessment – instruments, data collection and analysis to understand local needs through engaging communities in planning and building capacity.

Education Microplanning Toolkit Module 4

Module 4


Module 4 provides information on enhancing curriculum and teaching processes to improve student learning and to understand the planning, implementation and evaluation processes that contribute to successful student learning.

Education Microplanning Toolkit Module 5

Module 5


Module 5 provides information on using data and information for decision-making and planning at the local level: assessing the outcomes of planning in areas such as access, participation and learning.

Click HERE to download all modules in one file.