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Photograph copyright of UNESCO Bangkok

Planning is one of the crucial steps of building a strong education system. The purpose of educational planning is to ensure systematic accomplishment of activities in order to reach the set objectives for educational development. Through the planning process, different activities are elaborated, costed and appraised after which decision makers choose the preferable options to meet the objectives. Often, a series of concrete outputs, targets, actions, and timelines are defined during this process, as well as resources required and roles and responsibilities of each concerned party. Monitoring and evaluation frameworks should also be clearly defined. The process is highly technical as well as political and without technically sound and politically agreed education plans, clearly defined targets, actions/activities, timelines, responsibilities and fully projected resources, there is a risk that policies may not be effectively implemented. 

UNESCO Bangkok provides technical assistance to the Member States in the region in their efforts to develop their strategic plans for the education sector through (1) capacity building in the form of training workshops and (2) direct technical support to review, develop, and/or update education sector or sub-sector plans. UNESCO Bangkok has state of the art expertise in this area and has developed an extensive array of materials and tools which can support member states to design and implement successfully their education policies and reforms.

To date, UNESCO-Bangkok has provided direct technical support to several countries in the region such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Palau, Bhutan, and Myanmar in conducting education policy reviews and developing education sector plans.