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Knowledge-Sharing Activities

The NEQMAP Knowledge Portal offers a database of publications and other resources related to learning assessment, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Visit:

Annual meeting:

NEQMAP was launched by UNESCO Bangkok with during an Inaugural Meeting in March 2013 in Bangkok. Since its establishment, the network organizes annual meeting to bring together its members as well as delegates from non-member institutions to share experiences, reflect on the implemented activities and to share ideas for future collaborative work as network. 



Knowledge portal:

In order to support and encourage the exchange of information and knowledge sharing among NEQMAP members as well as other stakeholders, NEQMAP has launched the initial part of its online knowledge portal as a part of the National Education Systems and Policies in the Asia Pacific (NESPAP), an open platform established by UNESCO Bangkok.  The NEQMAP knowledge portal serves as a “one stop shop” where you can access all types of documentation related to learning assessment, curriculum and pedagogy in the Asia Pacific region, including policy documents, research articles and reports. We highly encourage NEQMAP members and Asia-Pacific Member States to contribute to this online portal by sharing documents (or links) related to assessment and curriculum in their countries and/or published by their institutions. Please send your contributions to the NEQMAP Secretariat at