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This CD-Rom containing the PDF file of the project report in 6 chapters, and appendix, including video clips from TPBS and community consultation workshops, is the final output of a year long research project titled ‘TPBS: Toward Building a Civic-Minded Society’. The research was undertaken with the aim of documenting a model for strengthening civil society in a developing country, such as Thailand, using a public service broadcasting (PSB) TV channel as a tool. This Thai model may present a case study for other developing countries to explore and emulate.

This research would not have been possible without first and foremost the generous financial support from the Communication Office of UNESCO, Bangkok, and the close research coordination with and mentorship from the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC), Singapore. For this, my special thanks are extended to Dr. Susan Ornager, Advisor for Communication and Information in Asia at UNESCO, Bangkok, and Dr. Kalinga Seneviratne, Head of Research at AMIC.

Secondly, I would like to thank executives of Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS), including Mr. Thepchai Yong, Managing Director, Ms. Pannipa Sotthibandhu, Deputy Managing Director in charge of civil society, Mr. Somkiat Juntusima, Director of Civic Media Network Department, and Ms. Sumana Suwan-umpa, Director of Public Participation Department, among others, for their kind assistance. My thanks also go to key Audience Council Members who facilitated my visits to and participation in Audience Council forums and assemblies. I would also like to thank the civil society coordinators at TPBS who kept me abreast with news about the Audience Council forums and assemblies.

Next, I would like to thank coordinators and Core Liaison Persons of the Northern TV Porgramme (‘TV Jor Nuer’ in the Thai language) who updated me with activities and events related to the making (behind the scene work) of ‘TV Jor Nuer’. My thanks are also extended to networks of active citizens in several northern provinces taking part in the making of ‘TV Jor Nuer’ in various capacities and at various levels, including academics, NGOs, media groups, and communities, who facilitated my visits to their respective areas while giving comments, interviews and insights into this topic under study.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank Communication Arts Academic Dr. Sasiphan Bilmanoch for her assistance with compiling and analysing data drawn from the questionnaires on the Audience Council and ‘TV Jor Nuer’, as well as two research assistants, Mr. Pathinan Werathumpoonsavat and Mr. Thapana Inchonnabot for helping me conduct in-depth interviews and film field research works for the study of ‘TV Jor Nuer’ in particular. It is Pathinan who put long hours into editing material and putting together a draft copy of the video materials contained in this CD-ROM.

I sincerely hope that this research project can be an inspiration to future research endeavours on PSBs in other regions where PSB TV stations have not been in existence, especially with the aim of strengthening civil society.


Dr. Palphol Rodloytuk
Lead Researcher and Author of the Report