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  • 27.09.12:

    Interviews with Mr. Gwang-Jo Kim, conducted by YTN Science 24 and YTN News

    UNESCO Bangkok and YTN Science TV recently met to kick-off the Education and Science TV Contents Sharing Project in Asia and the Pacific.

  • 24.09.12:

    Ocean Acidification in Google Earth Tour at High CO2 Conference

    Ever wondered what impacts all that carbon dioxide we emit is having on the ocean and what consequences this could have for the future? This Google Earth Tour, narrated by Dan Laffoley from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), who is Chair of Europe's Ocean Acidification Reference User Group, takes us on a global journey to un...

  • 20.09.12:

    BBC News Asia – Interview with Tim Curtis

    Tim Curtis, chief of Culture Unit at UNESCO Bangkok talks to BBC about the damage assessment at the Ayutthaya World Heritage site after the 2011 flood in Thailand.

  • 10.09.12:

    Students debate on a sustainable future

    To celebrate the International Youth Day 2012, a student debate was organized by the UN Interagency Working Group on Youth on 8 August 2012 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. Eight teams consisting of Thai college students and UN interns discussed on topics such as: "The world has a common future, and youth should choose ...

  • 05.09.12:

    Preparing teachers in Asia-Pacific for inclusive education

    In Asia and the Pacific, learners from diverse backgrounds and abilities are an everyday reality in classrooms of many countries. The main challenge is how to promote and apply inclusive practices in classrooms, and in particular how to include the concept of inclusion into pre-service teacher education to provide a quality education for all. Organ...

  • 30.08.12:

    Introduction to "Traditional Children's Games in South-East Asia"

  • 22.08.12:

    Teacher educators reflect on ICT integration (VDO)

    28 lecturers and officials of Teacher Education Institutions (TEI) from 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific and UNESCO field officers participated at a regional Training Workshop in Bangkok on 3-6 July, 2012. During the four day workshop participants discussed on how to integrate ICT into 21st century classrooms.

  • 03.08.12:

    Sport empowers girls - Promoting gender equality through sport in the Asia-Pacific

    The video highlights the role that sport can play in connecting girls and inspiring a future, which was the theme of International Women’s Day 2012. UNESCO Bangkok jointly with Bangkok Prep School and Duang Prateep Foundation organized a friendly mixed football match: “Only Girls Can Score”. Teams won by valuing and supporting their female team mem...

  • 20.06.12:

    Documentary: Human rights do not depend on HIV-status

    To break stereotypes and change the perception of society about HIV infection and people living with HIV in particular, Public Fund "Aurora" with support of UNESCO in Almaty and the Republican AIDS Center has produced two new documentary films: “The First Touch” and “The Second Touch” – the stories intend to help viewers understand their risk of be...

  • 19.06.12:

    Drinking Water, a Major Health Issue (Cambodia)

    Education for sustainable development means learning to stay healthy. Nearly 1.5 billion people lack access to safe drinking water. In Cambodia, an organization assists them in setting up simple solutions. It carries out education campaigns to raise awareness of health risks. Hence with better living conditions, there are fewer sick people.

  • 11.06.12:

    The Gender Agenda: Making HIV Responses Work for Key Affected Women and Girls

    UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education joined forces with the Asia Pacific Interagency Task Team on Women, Girls, Gender Equality and HIV (IATT) and the Unzip the Lips campaign ( to produce a short video on women most at risk of, and most affected by, HIV in the Asia Pacific region. The video highlights the needs a...

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