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The First Sub-Regional Meeting to Promote Intercultural Dialogue and a Culture of Peace in South-East Asia through Shared Histories


13 - 14 July 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

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Background of the Meeting

Following two consultative expert meetings in 2013 and 2014, as well as the first Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting in 2015, four learning units are currently being developed by teams of multi-national experts from the sub-region. The themes were chosen by the TAC at last year meeting. They are 1) People and Places 2) Early Centres of Power 3) Rice and Spice and 4) South-East Asia and the World. Together the units will address political, social, and cultural aspects of South-East Asian shared histories. They will be further customized and translated into national languages during the piloting phase.

This upcoming meetings will serve three main objectives: firstly, to workshop unit content materials with the TAC, in order to solicit feedback and suggestions; secondly, to promote discussion and exchange between content development teams, national customization teams, and the TAC; and thirdly, to discuss customization, translation, and implementation strategies in each potential pilot country. Meeting participants will include the TAC, UNESCO staff and Field Offices colleagues, representatives from content development teams, national piloting teams, as well as UNESCO’s partner organizations