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Asian Academy for Heritage Management

The Asian Academy for Heritage Management is a network of institutions throughout Asia and the Pacific region that offers professional training in the field of cultural heritage management. The mission of the AAHM is to strengthen professional capacity to sustainably manage heritage resources by providing a regional platform for institutional cooperation in education, training, and research. Under the guidance of UNESCO and ICCROM, AAHM promotes integrated, holistic and multi-disciplinary management of heritage resources, including both tangible and intangible expressions of culture.

AAHM Executive Committee

The Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) is now under the direction of the Executive Committee elected by its members.  We are pleased to announce the composition of the Executive Committee as follows.


     •  Institute For Tourism Studies (IFT)


     •  World Heritage Research Center, College of Urban and  Environment Science, 
         Peking University


     •  College of Innovation, Thammasat University

Representing the Core Members

     •  Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific (CHCAP), Deakin University

     •  Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong

     •  Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University

     •  Tokyo Institute of Technology

Representing the Individual Affiliate Members

     •  Mr Laurence Loh (Malaysia)

Representing the Institutional Affiliate Members

     •  Center for Cultural Heritage Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Representing the Associate Members

Since no Associate Members were nominated to the AAHM Executive Committee, the slot reserved for the Associate Member has been made available to an additional core member, in order to retain the total number of the AAHM Executive Committee.


Network advisors

UNESCO and ICCROM serve as ex officio members in an advisory capacity to the AAHM Executive Committee.

AAHM Statutes

The AAHM Statutes were endorsed by the members in August 2008.  Click here to download.

AAHM Archives 

Training materials and other documents produced by the AAHM network from 2001-2009 when the network secretariat was based at UNESCO Bangkok are available in the AAHM archived website. Click on the “Archive” link on the side menu.