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Rethinking Education

We are living in a world characterized by change, complexity and paradox. These changes signal the emergence of a new global context for learning that has vital implications for education. It requires that we revisit the purpose of education and the organization of learning. The complexity of today’s world requires a comprehensive approach to education policy embedded in a better understanding of the way in which knowledge is created, controlled, disseminated, acquired, validated and used. It also requires further development of the ethical principles that govern education and knowledge as common goods. Learn more.


Rethinking education means exploring new possibilities and looking at things differently. In the years to come, education will continue to transcend the four walls of the classroom and diversify in mode and medium. Community-based learning and non-formal education will be ever more significant. Imagining their roles in various future scenarios will open new perspectives on education and learning.

As the post-2015 development agenda emerge on the horizon, UNESCO Bangkok  and the Department of Lifelong Education of the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University invite practitioners in community-based learning and non-formal education in Asia and the Pacific to a workshop to rethink today’s education by imagining future scenarios. Learn more.

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