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The first section on this page: "ICT in Teacher Education" contain papers and reports describing actual teacher training projects around the world, in both developed and developing countries.

In these articles, educators and programme developers outline the objectives of their projects, share their experiences and lessons learned, and discuss current theoretical issues in teacher training in ICT. Articles also explore general trends and issues in pre- and in-service training, and there are links to journals dedicated to technology and teacher development.

The second section, "Standards for Competency" provides numerous sets of teacher standards for competency in ICT from around the world. Some documents also provide standards for students so that teachers can be trained how to achieve those standards.

The next section: "Courses - Teacher Training in ICT" provides links to online teacher training resources and institutions. These are listed thematically and range from general online courses in word processing and spread sheets, to Web development training, and courses for integrating technology into specific curriculum areas. 

The final section describes a number of case studies and best practice in the Asia-Pacific region.

1. ICT in Teacher Education - Papers and Reports

2. Standards for Competency

3. Courses – Teacher Training in ICT

4. Case Studies and Best Practices in Asia-Pacific