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21st Century Skills

Planning & managing PBL
Buck Institute for Education portal for free tools and resources such as planning forms, student handouts, rubrics, and articles for educators to download and use to design, assess, and manage projects and project-based learning (PBL). A dedicated PBL-Do-it-Yourself is also linked to help teachers access guidance, tools and tips for projects.

Online tools for active learning
Intel’s online tools can aid in creating active learning environments where students can engage in discussions, analyze information, pursue investigations, and solve problems. Find teaching resources, including lesson plans, assessment strategies, and technology-enriched project ideas for all K–12 subjects.

Preparing students for 21st century
A portal dedicated to educators for accessing Partnership 21’s resources developed to support the vision of 21st century readiness for every student. Here a host of PDF files on 21st Century skills, how to implement, the rationale behind and blogs about the topic are available for expanding understanding on how to better prepare students for future skills requirements.

Incorporating 21st century learning
A portal that provides multimedia examples how schools and teachers are incorporating 21st century learning into practice through various projects, activities and pedagogical approaches.

Creativity problem solving/critical thinking: lesson plans and resources
In the modern world, learning to navigate the minefield that is the Internet, and confidently discard or accept as valid the information at one’s disposal, requires sound critical and analytical tools. There are numerous links at this page to help teachers develop the necessary critical thinking and problem solving skills of students of all ages.