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Life Skills

*** Career Activities and Vocational Lesson Plans
There are hundreds of links on this page to sites on career development and vocational training. Sites include lesson plans for preparing for a career including using the internet for research and interview techniques, and sites listed by career category, such as agriculture, construction and health and human services.

*** Educators for Social Responsibility
These lesson ideas aim to help students make sense of world events that may prove traumatic without a structured and guided response led by a teacher. Topics include dealing with crises, understanding war, countering discrimination and analyzing 9/11.

*** Good Character
These teaching guides help teachers explore important character qualities in the classroom, and provide useful discussion ideas and assignments. Split into elementary, middle and high school, sample topics include honesty, resolving conflict peacefully and integrity. The high school page also links to an ‘ethics in the workplace’ section.

Other Useful Sites:

Functions skills & life skills
Provides over 1500 free Functional Skills and Skills for Life resources that can be used for youth and adult learning. It has powerful search tools that locate resources that suit specific learning needs along with downloadable files and related materials.

How to’s in social media
A social media-based portal for learning about anything and everything. Materials are user-generated and categorized into various broad areas including Education, Technology, Crafts, Art & Design, Food & Drinks and many more.

Skills for everyday life
Portal for accessing interactive situation-based lessons to teach functional literacy skills. Each activity providers learners with the opportunity to test knowledge of real-world situations and to develop the confidence and skills necessary to be successful in everyday life.

Economic Education Website
This site from EcEdWeb contains lesson plans, teaching resources and standards for economics students of all grades. Lessons cover key curricular topics such as personal finance and consumer economics, and many link in with other learning outcomes like language arts.

School Careers Site
There are valuable resources here for student career development. Articles include interviews with professionals and career advice, while teacher-created units look at specific career paths as well as important skills such as interview techniques.