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Social Sciences/Studies

*** Ask Asia
Ask Asia is dedicated primarily to increasing understanding between America and Asia. This page links to teacher resources and lesson ideas, plans, supplementary materials and more. Organised by region, theme and grade, and also contains related links.

Other Useful Sites:
Education World: social sciences
Education World has collected a wide range of material and resources for social sciences classes. There are lesson plans and classroom activities, articles for reference, and quizzes. The page also contains links to recommended sites, plans submitted by teachers and extensive databases.

Search the McRel site for lesson plans and teacher resources for the following social science subjects:

  • Civics
    There are lesson plans on topics which include World Constitutions and Balance of Power, as well as links to extra resources.

  • Economics
    This page links to materials on economic-related subjects, for example Stock Markets and Investing, as well as linking to AskEric.

  • Geography
    Topics under the connections link include: maps; latitude and longitude; and the chunnel.

  • Behavioural/Social Sciences
    Click on connections to link to regions such as: Middle America; Timbuktu; and China; there are also links to extra resources and lesson plan databases, for instance AskAsia and Japan Lesson Plans.

Key Stage 3 Geography: Sustainable development
Despite some components of this site being very country-specific (Northern Ireland), there is much that will be of use to geography teachers everywhere. A well-organised site with detailed schemes of work, the focus is on integrating ICTs into classroom practice with an emphasis on up-to-date issues in sustainable farming. Material is available in a variety of formats.

Maps that teach
This site offers free downloadable puzzles that allow kids to learn about geographical topics through visually engaging activities. There are a large selection of maps covering many different regions and continents around the world, all with sound pedagogical descriptions and guidelines for use.