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This section focuses on how to develop online courses, and is broken down into four sub-sections: the first contains articles discussing a host of topics relating to e-learning, many detailing the perceived benefits of online courses for developing nations, based on research and case studies from around the world.

Next, there are papers and documents from experienced online course developers and researchers identifying successful strategies for creating your own virtual course or school website, and providing tips and ideas for good course management.

The third sub-section gives examples of online learning programmes and educational websites; some connect directly to courses and content, while others are research papers exploring trends and identifying helpful lessons learnt from examples in Asia-Pacific.

There is then a selection of free and low-cost software applications that are designed for bringing courses online, some with special features, such as course calendars or search engines, others offering the whole range of e-learning solutions.

Online and e-Learning: Issues and Benefits 

Guidelines for Bringing a Classroom Online/How to Manage Online Classes

Online Learning Programmes: Real Cases/Examples

Software/Applications for Distance and Online Learning