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To assist the Member States in developing a holistic ICT in Education policy as well as effectively translating policies into practices, UNESCO provides a wide array of resources for policy makers, government officials and school and institution leaders.

1) Policy Makers’ Toolkit (


2) Publications 

    a. “Transforming Education: The Power of ICT Policies” 

    b. UNESCO Policy Guidelines for Mobile Learning 

    c. ICT in Education Policy, Infrastructure and ODA Status in Selected ASEAN Countries 


3) Policy Guidelines (

    - Common goals of ICT policies 

    - Elements of ICT policies in education

    - Policy Factors

    - Costs of ICT in schools

    - Integrating ICTs in education systems


4) OpenEMIS

The importance of accurate data cannot be overemphasized in making an informed decision for policy. Therefore, it is one critical step for a country to equip itself with a rigorous educational management and information system (EMIS) to collect most up-to-date data at the school, district and national levels. 

UNESCO, in partnership with Community Systems Foundation, takes an initiative to promote OpenEMIS, a generic EMIS software that it is designed to be quickly adjusted and deployed according to each country specificities (administrative structure, education system structure, handled data…). Being an open source, it can be further customized by the national authorities and connected to existing national databases.

Click here for the summary of what OpenEMIS can offer.

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