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A Human Rights-Based Approach to Education for All - a framework for the realisation of children's right to education and rights within education. Brings together current thinking and practice on human rights-based approaches in the education sector. Presents key issues and challenges in rights-based appraoches and provides a framework for policy and programme development from the level of the school up to the national and international levels. 



Promoting Rights in Schools: providing quality public education
A resource pack aimed at actively engaging parents, children, teachers, unions, communities and local civil society organisations in collectively monitoring and improving the quality of public education, PRS offers a set of practical tools that can be used as a basis for mobilisation, advocacy and campaigning. The pack provides four key resources:
1) a charter of 10 rights which, when fulfilled, will enable all children to complete a good quality education;
2) a participatory methodology for: using the charter; collecting, analysing and using data; and consolidating information into ‘citizens reports’ that could be used for the development of Action Plans or to encourage discussions and reviews at local, district and national levels;
3) a series of education- and rights-based indicators organised in a survey format to enable users to capture information in a systematic manner;
4) a compilation of key international human rights references providing the foundations and legitimacy of the charter and reports.

Undertaking a Human Rights-Based Approach: Lessons for Policy, Planning and Programming - This report practically explores a Human Rights Based Approach to programming. It targets policy-makers and strategic planning personnel in various UN agencies. It reflects on implementation of the HRBD guideslines set out in the Stamford Common Understanding in the region. 

The report results from the UN interagency Lessons Learned Project on Human Rights Based Approach to Development Cooperation.



Human Rights Education in the School Systems in Southeast Asia - A case study of the human rights education in the school systems of Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and Thailand. 

This publication highlights the need for national-level assessment of human rights education in the school system. It also provides many examples of excellent practice emerging from the Asian school system.  



Manual on Rights-Based Education - This manual was originally prepared as a background paper by Katarina Tomasevski for the Regional Workshop on Universalizing the Right to Education of Good Quality: A Rights-based Approach to Archieving Education for All in Manila, Philippines, 29-31 October 2002. The aim of this manual is to provide an easily-referenced, one-stop guide to rights-based education, which makes sense of the bewildering array of global human rights documents and draws on numerous country-specific examples.


Human Rights Lesson Plans

This publication is an initial attempt at developing human rights teaching guides for Southeast Asian schools. It is based on the experience of educators in the sub-region in teaching human rights. It is the result of a continuing partnership among educators and institutions in Southeast Asia. Through HURIGHTS Osaka, UNESCO Bangkok supports the production, translation and adaptation of these lesson plans.

An Indonesian version is also avaliable online.