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Adolescents under the radar in the Asia-Pacific AIDS response

Adolescence is a time of wondrous transformation. It is also a time of experimentation with sex and drugs, with potentially grave consequences for the spread of HIV. In Asia and the Pacific, one in seven new infections in 2014 occurred in 15-19 year olds. The region in 2014 accounted for almost one quarter of global new HIV infections among adolescents (aged 10-19). Even as impressive inroads are made against entrenched epidemics in the region, many countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines, are witnessing growing HIV infection rates among the most vulnerable adolescent populations.

This report highlights the HIV crisis for vulnerable adolescents in Asia and the Pacific and what we can do to give them the support they desperately need. If we fail to do this, the world will not get to where it wants to be: ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

Download the report here.

Source: Asia Pacific Inter Agency Task Tram on Young Key Populations (Website)