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World Teacher’s Day Forum: Valuing Teachers, Improving their Status

World Teacher’s Day Forum

Being the 50th anniversary of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendations concerning the Status of Teachers, 2016 also marks the start of operationalization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Adopted by the United Nations’ 193 Member States in September 2015, the SDGs have 17 goals, of which Goal 4 - “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”, targets education specifically. The new education agenda set for the next 15 years is comprehensive, holistic, ambitious, aspirational and universal, inspired by a vision of education as a driver of development that can transform the lives of individuals, communities and societies, leaving no one behind.

Recognizing that teachers are key to bring about quality education and achieve all of the Education 2030 agenda, the Incheon Declaration and Framework for Action has articulated a collective commitment to this vision by 2030: to ensure that all teachers and educators are professionally qualified, well-trained, motivated and well-supported. The Framework for Action also states the need to urgently and adequately recruit and empower teachers, so as to address the acute shortages of teachers and high attrition rate. By 2030, about 27.3 million teachers have to be recruited, of which 23.9 million are replacements for attrition and 3.4 million as new teachers to achieve universal primary education. 

After fifty years of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendations concerning the Status of Teachers, a few key questions remain pertinent: ‘What have we learnt in the last five decades in advocating and promoting teacher status, recruitment, training and retention?’; ‘How are we to close the gap in these areas in the next 15 years to Education 2030 targets?’. This forum is more than a commemoration of World Teacher’s Day and the 50th Anniversary of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendations concerning the Status of Teachers. It is a strong reminder that much still has to be done to truly value teachers and their critical role in ensuring quality education. The event will do a stock taking of fifty years since 1966, facilitate dialogues, knowledge sharing amongst countries, international, regional, and sub-regional organizations/networks/bodies working on teacher issues.



The main objectives of the forum are to provide a platform to:

  1. review teacher policies with reference to the 1966 recommendations and examine the gaps in promoting teacher status and improving their working conditions; and
  2. discuss policies impacting teacher issues


Expected Outcomes in line with SDG4; Education 2030 Vision

  1. Gather inputs on ground needs of teachers 
  2. Gather inputs on possible actions to improve teacher status


The estimated 100 participants include, Ministry of Education officials and policy makers from Asia-Pacific member states, experts and specialists in teacher education and professional development, representatives from regional, sub-regional organizations/networks, UNESCO partners.



World Teachers Day Forum 2016 Concept Note and Program Outline (.pdf, 364kb)

Organizer:    UNESCO Bangkok
Date:            5th – 6th October 2016
Venue:         The Sukosol Hotel477 Si Ayuthaya Road, Phayathai, Pathumwan, 10400 Bangkok, Thailand




Display at the Forum: Valuing Teachers: Narratives of Teachers’ Good Work

At the Forum, we are also featuring stories about teachers. The narratives have been collected from schools and institutions from the Asia-Pacific members states and are designed and printed as full height posters to be displayed at the event.


Forum Summary Report




  • Ms. Mun Yee Lee, Associate Programme Specialist, Section for Educational Innovation and Skills Development (EISD), UNESCO Bangkok, Email:


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