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APIN discuss its new constitution to promote free flow of ideas

UNESCO and the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) will convene the 5th Asia Pacific Information Network (APIN) during 23rd -26th November 2010 in Manila, Philippines. The Theme of this meeting is on Information Policy: Information Access, Media and Information Literacy.

APIN is a UNESCO-recognized network of Asia-Pacific countries committed to promote ICT literacy and application, information and knowledge networking, sharing of information resources, and the use of international standards and best practices in communication, information, organized and informatics. The network organized in 2002 now has 19 member countries whose representatives meet every two years on different themes.

Based upon the Information for All Program (IFAP) strategy, participants will discuss and agree on the priorities for the new APIN Constitution as well as developing an action plan for establishing IFAP Committees in the APIN member countries. Besides, the meeting will also explore the intervention to promote information and media literacy in the region, measurement for access to information and awareness raising tools for APIN. This meeting is piggybacked with the ICT Competencies workshop. Approved new text of APIN Constitution will be made available on UNESCO Bangkok website.

For more information, please contact Susanne Ornager, Advisor for Communication and Information in Asia, UNESCO Bangkok, email:

Meeting Agenda