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The application of remote sensing for integrated management

Develop and test a process that will enable African countries to access and use satellite data, information and communication technologies including Internet and geographic information systems to monitor, assess, and manage ecosystems and water resources; to promote biodiversity conservation, so as to aid sustainable development and to help alleviate poverty. The project will

  • involve scientific research, education, and training
  • involve UNESCO Chairs and networks, specialised centres and other partnerships
  • strengthen outreach to affected communities

Expected results
Use of remotely sensed data to produce sets of maps of extreme vulnerability to water resources, ecosystems, associated resources, for local people and decision-makers; new module developed for UNESCO's remote-sensing programme BILKO pertaining to training in relation to vulnerable ecosystems and associated resources, including water resources and coastal zones; CD-ROM produced on remotely sensed information with environmental significance for local communities; use of such information systems increased, including web access for users, traditional information systems and media enhanced.