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Here you will find links to most of the country specific information provided by this site regarding Thailand. You may also want to do a search by clicking on "ICT search" in the sidebar, or a search in one of our databases. Note that most of the projects have a regional impact and therefore are not necessarily listed here.





  • Openmind Projects: IT in Isan
    Using local resources and skills to bridge the digital divide, the Openmind Project aims to test and evaluate IT learning models in the developing world with a view to designing a cost effective project model facilitating computer and e-learning. The project was started up in the northeast of Thailand, Isan, a region bordering Laos.

  • Thai Rural Net
    Transforming rural capability in Thailand through ICT empowerment, this project empowers rural communities with ICTs, finding practical models and practices that will turn the rural digital divide into sound business opportunities for the local communities.

  • Thailand - IT Princess: Empowering All Thais with IT
    The IT for Rural Schools Programme was started in 1995, with the objective of minimizing educational inequality by providing rural school teachers, students, and children with disabilities access to computer technology.


Further resources

  • E-Learning in Thailand
    Thailand has developed a master plan for ICT use in education for the years 2004–2006. According to the plan, there are four major strategies: 1) the use of ICT to improve teaching and learning, 2) the use of ICT to enhance the educational management and service effectiveness, 3) the personnel training and, developing and 4) ICT equipment provision and distribution for all educational levels.

  • Empowering All Thai's with Technologies
    Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn has contributed greatly to many facets of Thailand’s development, in the areas of education, healthcare, agriculture, arts and culture, and environmental conservation, among many others.

  • Integration of ICT in Higher Education Provision: The Case of Thailand
    This Case Study about ICT in Education in Thailand was presented on the 24 August 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It contains information about the National IT Policy of Thailand, Utilizing ICT in Thai education, the Integration of ICT in Thai higher education, the Readiness for developing e-Learning in Thai higher education institutions and Problems identified in the e-Learning development in Thai higher education institutions.

    News: Launch of the ICT in Education Policy Toolkit
    The ICT in Education Policy Toolkit was launched at the National Forum on ICT in Education Policies for Sustained Education Transformation’, on December 6th 2010. Jointly Organized b UNESCO, New Delhi and Intel, the toolkit enables state-level policy makers, planners and implementers to design and implement state specific ICT in Education policies.

  • News: Thailand Ministry of Education: Educational Quality Development
    The future world of education depends on ICT in order to raise educational standards. For Thailand, the investment in ICT for education is extremely beneficial. The Ministry will provide ICT training for educational administrators, school teachers and teaching staff in the future.

  • Case Study: ICT Integration into Education
    As far as ICT is concerned, ICT will make learning more flexible and support the uses and sharing of educational resources available from the aforementioned three types of education.

  • Case study: SchoolNet
    Information technology is a major force that has brought about revolutionary changes in the development of the global, digital economy/society. Education is considered as the foundation for development and the concept of IT use in education is strongly encouraged in Thailand.