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SchoolNet Toolkit

Laid out in four substantive guidebooks, the SchoolNet toolkit is targeted at policy- and decision-makers, school managers, practitioners, teachers and principals, to assist in the integration of ICT into schools.

Case studies

The documentation of experiences through case studies on the integrated use of ICT in education and SchoolNet operations of six countries, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and the Republic of Korea.

Evaluation Framework

This framework, developed in March 2006, contains questionnaires and other tools designed to measure the success of the SchoolNet project. (PDF, 1.6MB)

Report on Telecollaboration in the SchoolNet project

This report examines the "Bridges to Learning" initiative and the "Learning Circles" activities (including training) that were conducted in 2005 and 2006. (PDF, 676KB)

Technical Guide

This booklet has been created to offer advice and guidance on a range of technical models that exist for Internet connectivity. The guidelines provided here aim to help staff of the 24 member schools of the UNESCO SchoolNet Project  in finding a locally applicable solution for Internet connection. (PDF, 1.5MB)

Training Events

  • Regional Training Course
    A training workshop was held to enable teachers, SchoolNet managers and technical personnel to understand how to develop the web content for their schools' websites, to understand how to administrate the UNESCO SchoolNet and to gain knowledge on maintenance and troubleshooting of the SchoolNet system network.

  • Innovative Teachers Conference
    12 teachers from the UNESCO SchoolNet project pilot schools (in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar) participated in this conference and displayed their lesson plans for teaching mathematics, science, and language in the exhibit.

  • Training in the Use of ICT
    Two training workshops on the use of ICT in teaching mathematics, science, and languages were organized in Hanoi and Penang.

  • ICT-Based Lessons and Materials Development Workshop
    A framework for the systematic integration of ICT into science, mathematics and language curriculum has been developed at this workshop. Further outcomes of this activity are the development of interactive ICT-based lessons and the professional development of  teachers in the techniques and strategies for the creation of ICT-based lessons and materials.

  • National Follow-up Workshops
    Three-days national follow-up workshops on strengthening ICT use in schools and SchoolNet have been organized by the National Coordinators of each country in the project.

  • 10-day Sub-Regional Training
    A training course on Basic ICT was conducted for teachers in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam; including identifying entry points for three subjects.

Special Activities

  • Telecollaboration Initiative
    A telecollaboration activity - Learning Circles - was selected as the model for telecollaboration within and among schools participating in the UNESCO SchoolNet pilot project. Members named this initiative "ASEAN Bridges to Learning".

  • Memorandum of Agreement signed
    The MOA for the pilot testing of the project was signed at the 1-day South East Asian ICT Advocacy and Planning Workshop for Policy Makers and National ICT Coordinators on 15 December 2003 by high officials of eight countries; Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam.