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Maldives Country Profile

Chapter 1: National Background (PDF 290K)

  • Geography
  • History
  • Political and Administrative System
  • People
  • Language
  • Religion
  • Economic Trends

Chapter 2: Population Composition and Age at Marriage (PDF 77K)

  • Trends in Population Growth and Composition
  • Composition of Adolescents and Young People
  • Age at Marriage and Marital Status

Chapter 3: Education, Economic and Employment Opportunities (PDF 237K)

  • Education System
  • Employment and Economic Opportunities

Chapter 4: Culture and Traditions (PDF 24K)

  • Social Structure
  • Traditions
  • Traditional Medicine
  • Cultural Belief on Sexuality

Chapter 5: Gender Equality (PDF 68K)

  • Gender Situation
  • Education and Gender
  • Economy and Gender
  • Social Problems and Gender
  • Political Status of Women
  • Critical Areas of Concern and Implementation of Beijing Platform of Action (BPA)

Chapter 6: Health and Nutrition (PDF 75K)

  • Structure and Organization of Health System
  • Health Situation
  • Health Resources
  • Constraints in Health Services Provision

Chapter 7: Reproductive and Sexual Health (PDF 52K)

  • Sexual and reproductiev Health Situation
  • Fertility, Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Family Planning and Contraception
  • Knowledge of, Attitude towards, and Behavior Related to Reproductive Health
  • Reproductive Health Information and Services

Chapter 8: STIs/HIV/AIDS (PDF 57K)

  • Incidence and Prevalence of Infection
  • Knowledge on HIV/AIDS and STIs
  • Risk Factors in HIV/AIDS Transmission
  • Surveillance System
  • Programs

Chapter 9: Programmatic Response (PDF 81K)

  • Programs
  • Policies
  • Advocacy Strategies
  • IEC Strategies

Chapter 10: Summary and Recommendations (PDF 29K)

  • Summary
  • Issues and Challenges
  • Lessons Learned
  • Recommendations

List of Tables, Figures and Boxes

Acronyms and Abbreviations