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Meeting Documents

Background Documents


The following documents are research papers prepared for the project "Harnessing ICTs for the audiovisual industry and public service broadcasting  in developing countries" (2004-2007). These working documents are still in draft form and will be edited and revised for publication.

Trends In Audio-Visual Markets: Regional Perspectives From The South, An Interim Synthesis Report
Author: Pierre Sauvé

[Download report]


Trends in Audiovisual Markets: Perspectives from Asia

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Madanmohan Rao, Research Director, AMIC, Singapore
[Download report]


The Audiovisual Markets in Developing Countries: Statistical Assessment Centred on 11 Countries (China, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Nigeria)

Authors: Emmanuel Cocq, with Florence Lévy

[Download report]


Treatment of Cultural Goods and Services in International Trade Agreements

Author: Van Grasstek

[Download report]

Trends and Prospects in the Audiovisual Market of Three Countries in Latin America

Author: German Rey

[Download report]




The following presentations are in Powerpoint format.


Meeting Objectives and Introduction to UNESCO CCT Project


Session 1: Global and Regional Trends in Broadcasting and A-V Field

Trends in Audiovisual Markets: Perspectives from Asia

Dr. Madanmohan Rao

Session 2: Policy Initiatives and Trade Agreements
Policy Initiatives in the Creative Industries in Asia: Past & Present



Treatment of Cultural Goods and Services in International Trade Agreements

Ms. Veronique Guevremont

Session 3: Intellectual Property Rights

Current IPR Challenges for the Audiovisual and Broadcasting Sectors

Ms. Carole Croella (WIPO)

Session 4: Supporting Asian Creativity

Main Trends and Perspectives of A-V Markets in Latin American countries

German Rey

The Nabi Experience

Ms. Soh-Yeong Roh

HYBRID: The Next Leap Forward

Mr. Eric Cruz


Meeting output


Owing to the participants' significant contributions, a draft document was formulated after the expert meeting. Download the draft Plan of Action.