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GENIA Toolkit for Promoting Gender Equality in Education

Download the whole toolkit in English (PDF)

The GENIA Toolkit is a collection of resources for use by gender focal points and education planners and implementers to promote gender equality and mainstream gender in the education system.

This fourth revised version of the toolkit (originally designed in 2003 when the Gender in Education Network in Asia (GENIA) was set up) is the output of the recent process of updating. The toolkit has been designed so that it can be used at different times, depending on your needs: when you want to know more about gender equality in education, when you want to analyze the gender sensitivity of a project you are working on, when you want to advocate for more gender equality in your organization, when you visit a school and wish to assess the gender responsiveness of its staff, when you want to organize a gender training session to sensitize your staff, etc. There are multiple occasions when you can use it! The toolkit format has been designed to allow you to easily print or copy the tools and distribute them. You can also laminate them to ensure they are well protected and last long.


Toolkit Guide

Part 1: Tools for Raising Gender-Awareness
Tool 1 Definitions of Terms and Concepts Related to Gender
Tool 2 Worldwide Commitments to Gender Equality in Education
Tool 3 Gender Issues in Education
Tool 4 How Gender-Responsive is Your Work Environment?
Tool 5 Gender and Sex: What’s the Difference?
Tool 6 Gender Quiz
Tool 7 Gender Stereotypes
Tool 8 Gender Equality Cart
Tool 9 Gender Equality Bird

Part 2: Tools for a Gender-Responsive Educational Environment
Tool 10 Developing Gender-Responsive Curriculum and Teaching/Learning Materials
Tool 11 Measuring the Gender-Friendliness of Schools
Tool 12 A Gender-Sensitive Teacher
Tool 13 Analyzing the Gender-Responsiveness of Teaching/Learning Materials
Tool 14 Guidance on Gender-Responsive School Observation
Tool 15 Promoting Gender-Responsive Community Learning Centres (CLCs)
Tool 16 Gender-Responsive School Observation Tools

Part 3: Tools for Gender-Responsive Educational Management
Tool 17 (a) Gender Mainstreaming in Education (b) Gender Mainstreaming Cycle
Tool 18 Gender-Responsive Budgeting (GRB) in Education
Tool 19 Developing Gender-Responsive Education Projects and Programmes
Tool 20 Developing Gender-Responsive Terms of Reference (TOR) for Research and Surveys
Tool 21 Organizing Gender-Responsive Training Sessions, Meetings and Conferences
Tool 22 Gender-Responsive Budgeting Quiz
Tool 23 Example of a Gender Training Workshop
Tool 24 Eleven Ways to Obtain Participation at a Workshop
Tool 25 Build Your Network for Promoting Gender Equality in Education